Koh Samui Thailand Wedding Photography

Nora Buri Resort and Spa Thailand

Thailand Koh Samui Wedding Photographer – Destination wedding on Koh Samui Thailand at Nora Buri Resort and Spa.

Pictures from a wonderful destination wedding at Nora Buri Resort and Spa on Samui island (Koh Samui) in Thailand.
The wedding photography coverage started with bride and groom getting ready and lasted till a wedding party, all at Nora Buri Resort and Spa Samui.
The bride and the groom were getting ready in different hotel room not far from each other. This make photographing both sides very easy since we don’t have to walk very far or drive to different hotel. We did walk back and forth with ease. We also did detail shots of the wedding dress, wedding ring, shoes, bridesmaids dress, bouquet, etc.
The wedding ceremony started in the evening. The lighting was quite challenging because the ceremony was held in the shaded area. There was a big different between in term of light intensive between foreground and background. This greatly influent our composition.
Big group pictures, small group pictures and traditional pictures were all taken after the ceremony. This is the only moment that bride and groom had to pay attention to us in terms of where they should stand or what to do. The rest of the wedding were done with documentary approach.
Wedding Reception and part were held in the hotel’s restaurant. The lighting were quite low but no problem for our cameras and fast lenses. Usually wedding couples would inform us in advance of any surprises but not this one. They surprise all of us with their amazing dance performance. We were caught off guard but did react quickly and didn’t miss anything.

Wedding Photography by NET-Photography | Thailand Wedding Photographer
Koh Samui Wedding Photographer

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