Why Hire Us ?

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most important and probably the most difficult decision of all.
These breakdowns below should help you pick the right photographer for your wedding.
We’ve won many photography awards over the years. These are some of them.

  • Twenty Fourth Wedisson Collection
  • “Ring Details” WPJA
  • “Kids will be kids” ISPWP
  • “Humor” ISPWP
  • “Cake Cutting” WPJA
  • Big Mountain Music Festival
  • Bangkok Post
  • “Friends” Photo Gangster
  • “Boom” Photo Gangster
  • ABAC Photo Contest 2008
  • ABAC Photo Contest 2007
We’re fluent in English. 99% of our clients are foreigners. We also respond your emails in timely manners, usually within 12hours.
You won’t have any problem communicating with us on your wedding day due to language barrier.
Photography Equipment
We have invested over 50,000USD in equipment ranging from professional Nikon cameras, professional lenses, to the best images processing equipment such as Apple Mac Pro and heavily redundant storage system.
These are not consumer grade equipment that most photographers here use.
After each wedding or pre-wedding session, all photos are backed up to 3 independent storage devices while we work on them. Filesystem damage or power surge do happen and there is nothing worst than loosing your once in a life time photos in a flash. We’ve never lost a single picture since we started our business. We exclusive use SanDisk CF cards, expensive but reliable. Most photographers don’t even back up!
You won’t hear any excuse for loosing your wedding photo from us because that will never happen !
Full-Time Professional
We’re full-time professional wedding photographer. This is our only job, not side job like some others. There won’t be any photo shoot cancellation because your wedding is conflicting with our main job, because this is our only job.
We do about 50 weddings a year and countless pre-wedding sessions. Not a single cancellation.
We also deliver your photos on time, every time. Don’t let unprofessional photographers ruin your day or failed to deliver. You won’t be having horror stories like these two couples.
Read what our customers have to say about us on our Testimonials page.
Unique Documentary Approach
Our style to wedding photography is unique. We don’t tell you what to do all the time. We document your wedding day as it happens, creating memorable and meaningful pictures that last a lifetime. This approach captures real events and genuine emotions of your wedding day. We’re not intrusive and disruptive like most photographers here. Yelling at bride and groom to look at camera all day long is not our style!
We’re member of world-class organisation such as WPJA and ISPWP.
Only qualified photographers are part of these.
Frequent Traveler
We travel on a regular basis, both domestically and internationally. We know exactly what to do or not to do when arranging for our travel.
We get to our appointment on time.
Easy Payment
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club.
We're Thai
We’re legally working in Thailand. Photographer job is only reserved for Thai people. Work visa can not be issued for foreigners. Hiring illegal immigrants can cause you problem like this.

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